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Welcome to our specialist practice for orthodontics in the heart of Munich.

Our specialist dentists will give you professional advice on all your orthodontic questions in our modern and new premises. We aim to provide a customised, functional and aesthetic treatment while helping you have a radiant smile.

We, as orthodontists, are your perfect partner for misaligned teeth, such as crowding, rotated teeth, lack of space, crossbite or functional problems and complaints as well as total jaw misalignment.


Orthodontics for adults

Of course, misalignment cannot only be corrected and treated in children and adolescents but also in adult patients. Besides aesthetic … … Find out more …


Orthodontics in children and adolescents

Tooth and jaw misalignment can be detected and successfully treated even in young children. Here, function is the first and foremost objective. As the jaw has not fully grown in children … Find out more…


Orthodontics and prophylaxis

A prerequisite for orthopaedic treatment is good oral hygiene. Regular professional tooth cleaning before and during the … Find out more…


Invisible braces

The so-called lingual technique is being used more and more if the patient opts for invisible braces during an orthodontic treatment. Find out more…


Protect your teeth during sport

To avoid or reduce the risk of dental fractures or even tooth loss/luxation, there is an option of using what is known as a sport mouthguard. Find out more…


Usually, we recommend that patients present for the first time when their adult teeth are emerging, at the age of about 8 years. Only if the child has significant jaw misalignment that has already been an issue in other members of the family should you visit an orthodontic specialist beforehand. You and your child will receive individual and entirely non-binding advice from us, based on the motto: A stitch in time saves nine.

Of course, dental misalignment can also be corrected in adults. As upper and lower jaw growth is already completed, it is no longer possible to control significant misalignment of the jaw by manipulating its growth. Treatment, therefore, tends to combine orthodontic and maxillofacial approaches. It is only the length of treatment that is somewhat extended.

Our range of services includes conventional methods such as removable braces, retainers or fixed multibracket apparatus with metal or ceramic brackets, retainers sport mouthguards, as well as the latest techniques such as the lingual technique (brackets bonded to the inside surface of the teeth) or treatment with transparent braces.

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