Orthodontics in Munich – for straight teeth and a beautiful smile

We strive to make you happy – therefore we have set ourselves the goal of improving and individually optimising the function of your teeth and the appearance of our patients.

In addition to the nose and eyes, teeth – and even the position of the teeth – are a central part of your face and play an important role in aesthetics and charisma. Only with straight teeth can a smile be really beautiful, while it will also make you feel more self-confident which will in turn boost your charisma. The aim of our orthodontic treatment in Munich is of course primarily that you have a healthy and properly functioning set of teeth. But it is also important to us that a patient is happy with their appearance after the treatment.

We strive to make the orthodontic treatment as short and efficient as possible for you and to address any individual needs and preferences you have.

Having properly functioning dentition ensures the health and stability of your teeth – for many years to come. Hence, we will create a treatment plan together with your regular dentist so that we can find the best option for you.

Your orthodontic practice in Munich in Fünf Höfen in the city centre.

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