Treatment steps – Step by step for a beautiful smile

The orthodontic treatment at our practice in Fünf Höfe in Munich is generally based on the following approaches:

  • Individual consultation

    In our initial consultation the well-being of our patients is paramount. We work with you and your children to come up with an individual treatment plan, tailored to your personal needs..

  • Extensive examination

    We employ the latest technology to carry out comprehensive tests and develop the treatment plan based on the results. This form of diagnosis helps us find a suitable treatment for you.

  • Detailed discussion

    Our examination results are explained to you clearly and in a way you can easily understand. Of course, we show you all suitable alternatives and we decide together which treatment is the most convenient for you.

  • Interdisciplinary consultation

    Our orthodontic treatment does not simply focus on aesthetics – we always strive to optimise the functionality of the masticatory system.
    Depending on the case and the treatment method, we have a close network of specialists available.
    For instance, we work closely with maxillofacial surgeons, paediatric dentists, dentists, ENT specialists, physiotherapists and speech therapists.

  • Treatment phase

    Of course, we always try to ensure that the time patients need to invest in their treatment is at a minimum. We always strive to carry out the orthodontic treatment gently and efficiently in as short a time as possible. For this reason, the treatment term is customized and differs for each patient, which is why we cannot say exactly how long the treatment takes. Check-ups at our practice are regular during the active treatment time – at least every 4 to 6 weeks.

  • Stabilisation

    In what we call the retention phase, we stabilise the result achieved in the active treatment time using bonded retainers or removable braces. From this point onwards, check-ups are less regular.

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