Orthodontics for adults

Of course, misalignment cannot only be corrected and treated in children and adolescents, but also in adult patients. Besides aesthetic considerations, functional impairment and symptoms can be rectified, often the cause for compensated dental misalignment based on the motto “form follows function”.

In the event of significant misalignment of the jaw (dysgnathia), a combined orthodontic and maxillofacial treatment is advisable and indicated. In this case we work with experienced experts in maxillofacial surgery, who will then also examine you and give you advice.

Techniques and options

Our range of services includes removable apparatus and retainers as well as fixed brackets (multibracket braces) and metal or transparent in ceramic. An aesthetically pleasing and discreet option is lingual treatment (Incognito), where the brackets are secured to the inside of the tooth surface, so that they are practically invisible.

Treatment with aligners (Invisalign) is also a very well regarded, visually discreet alternative to fixed multibracket braces. After the three-dimensional, virtual impression of the teeth (scan) is taken, a computer-simulated image of the teeth using ClinCheck shows the initial and end position of the teeth. This means that the doctor and patient can discuss the therapeutically desired tooth position in 3D before treatment.

Visit our Munich practice for individual consultation – we can work together to find the best solution!

The steps involved in your orthodontic treatment

If you are interested in orthodontic correction of your teeth, an improvement in the function and/or aesthetics, or if you have been referred by your usual dentist, call us to arrange a non-binding consultation with us in our practice. Our team is looking forward to meeting you!

After extensive consultation where we will get a first impression of your teeth and jaws, we will give you an initial assessment of the type of treatment, the apparatus used for the treatment, the treatment time and the associated costs. We will discuss the various treatment options as well as any possible alternatives that may be suitable for you.

In selecting the treatment apparatus, we aim for every patient to have the best possible treatment outcome using the latest techniques.

We look forward to meeting you!

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