Lingual Braces/Dental Splint

An esthetically pleasing and discrete method is the use of lingual braces. Here, the braces, which are custom manufactured in advance in a dental laboratory, are glued to the inner side surface of the teeth. The braces are not visible from the outside. In the initial phase, the tongue will require some time to adapt, but after an adjustment period of a few weeks, the tongue will get used to the new situation. Small differences in speech, notable at the start, will disappear almost completely. We use lingual braces from Incognito which are manufactured using gold alloy and customized to fit each individual tooth using CAD-CAM. Treatment with lingual braces is more complex than with conventional braces and more time-consuming, both when changing the archwire and attaching the braces. We therefore recommend an extensive consultation beforehand.

Another esthetically pleasing solution to help achieve straight teeth is treatment with thin dental splints known as aligners. For this treatment, we work together with the company Invisalign. After a 3D scan of the upper and lower jaws and determination of the bite position, we send the data to Invisalign and generate a virtual 3D image with the target and final position of the teeth and jaws. The aligners are custom manufactured and fitted at the start of treatment in several stages. The patient must wear the aligners for 22 hours a day, only taking them out to eat and drink. This allows the teeth to be moved into the desired position. The company also offers dental correction free of charge after treatment through its 5-year guarantee.

Our Specialists:

Dr. Christina Raptarchis (Link to Profile) and Dr. Felix Kirchner (Link to Profile) from Fünf Höfe Orthodontics are among the 15 top experts in Germany for Incognito treatment.

KFO Fünf Höfe München Platin-Urkunde Dr. Christina Raptarchis & Dr. Felix Kirchner - Incognito - Die unsichtbare Zahnspange

Our Recommendation:

As treatment with lingual braces is technically complex, we strongly recommend that you visit us for a personal consultation at our practice in Munich. Here we can answer any questions you have regarding invisible braces.

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